Affordable Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Comfortable, stylish and affordable. These are three boxes that you should check off when selecting bridesmaid dresses. You want to put your girls in a gown that makes them feel beautiful and classy. Keep reading to learn about Selby Rae’s modern and affordable navy blue bridesmaid dresses. They’re everything a bridesmaid could ask for.  Plus, having a navy color scheme for your wedding is classy and stunning!

Navy Wedding

Selby Rae Navy Bridesmaid Dresses

Blue has always been a popular color choice for weddings!  And for a good reason, too. But with so many gorgeous hues to choose from, how do you pick the perfect shade of blue? Trust us when we say you can never go wrong with navy! Check out some of Selby Rae’s long navy bridesmaid dresses to get inspired. Available in size 0 to 28, these dresses flatter women of every shape and size. Did we mention? Selby Rae bridesmaid dresses cost $129 or less. Talk about affordable!

1. Marilyn


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A classic style, Marilyn features an a-line skirt with a band at the waistline, a v-neckline, and ruching. This simple design also has thick straps for all day wear. 

2. Margot


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Chic and flattering, Margot has a modern fitted bodice with a traditional a-line skirt. Spaghetti straps and subtle v-neck make it modest but flirty.

3. Miranda


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A similar design to Margot, Miranda has no pleats on the skirt. It also has a v-back that matches the neckline, versus the keyhole back.

4. May


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May is a popular design with a modest high halter neckline and a cut-out back. It features an accented waistline and an a-line skirt that is flowy and flattering.

5. Mikayla


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A similar design to May, Mikayla is a more slimming style. It has a matching halter neckline and back with thin spaghetti straps and a thick waistband.

6. Melissa


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Melissa is a chic design that is modest yet modern. With a pleated bodice and an a-line skirt, this is a unique and fun style that your girls will love.

7. Monica


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A classic gown, Monica looks great no matter the season. With thick straps and an a-line silhouette, it is comfortable and flattering.

8. Mariah


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Selby Rae’s most romantic style, Mariah is a flowing gown that will have your girls swooning. It has off the shoulder sleeves with a ruffle details, and an a-line skirt. 

9. Melody


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Melody screams sophistication! With a criss cross neckline, this unique gown is comfortable and incredibly slimming. 

10. Megan


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Featuring a one-of-a-kind bodice, Megan is a showstopper. The detailed ruching, v-neckline and spaghetti straps make for a breathable and chic dress.

11. Maggie 


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With an off the shoulder neckline and a subtle v back, Maggie is perfect for a warm weather wedding. It also has an accented waistline and an a-line skirt that flatters the feminine form.

12. Marissa


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Marissa is a modern gown that is also a little bit sexy. It has a beautiful v neckline, thick straps, and an a-line skirt with a slit.

Styling Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Styling your bridesmaids in long navy bridesmaid dresses is a breeze! This color goes with every metallic, so choosing jewelry is simple. As for shoes, opt for a color that goes with your theme. For the summer months, think nudes and light hues. For winter, maybe silver or even black. Want to create a more colorful palette? Navy is so versatile! Use navy for a statement color and pair it with lighter tones for a spring wedding. Such as a pale pink or a rich plum. During the later part of the year, stick to cool tones like a fog or silver. 

Make the process of getting dresses on the big day even more fun when you buy navy floral robes for your girls. Soft and comfortable, they’ll appreciate this gift for years to come!

Navy Bridesmaid Inspiration

Selby Rae’s modern gowns are versatile, making them easy to mix and match to create a unique but cohesive look for your wedding day. Check out a few popular ways to mix and match these stylish navy bridesmaid dresses.

Pair styles Melody and Marissa together in navy. These two gowns will lend your bridesmaids an elegant and sophisticated look, perfect for a luxurious wedding.

Melody and Marissa


Consider mixing a range of blue shades, such Megan in Navy, Monica in Dusty Blue, and Margot in Fog. With similar necklines and silhouettes, these gowns make for a stunning line up.

Selby Rae Color Palette


Pairing Mikayla in Navy and Maggie in Pale Pink makes for a beautiful palette with a pop of contrast! Mix and match gowns with high and low necklines for a unique look.

Color Inspiration


Let’s Chat!

Loving Selby Rae’s navy blue bridesmaid dresses? This color is a beautiful choice for your wedding day. It is versatile color that can stand alone or incorporate into a palette. And with so many dress options your girls will love it as well! Let us know which of these navy bridesmaid dresses were your favorite.  Tell us in the comment section below!

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