Don’t Overpay For Bridesmaid Dresses

Newsflash: bridesmaid dress shopping isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. As much as we wish it was the case, bridesmaid dress shopping can be tiresome and frustrating. Trying to choose styles and colors that cater to an entire group of women can feel impossible. To top it off, how do you determine what is a reasonable price? And how do you know which bridesmaid dresses are the best choice?

Lucky for you, Selby Rae is here to answer these common questions.   Since it can be confusing, guidance in the bridesmaid industry is much needed. By understanding the essentials of a bridesmaid dress, you’ll feel more confident when it comes time to shop. After all, you deserve the very best when it comes to your special day!

Bridesmaid Dresses

How Much Should I Pay for a Bridesmaid Dress?

Bridesmaid dresses average around $150 per person according to The Spruce. If that's the case, then why is there such a large price range? You can find bridesmaid dresses priced anywhere from $50 to upwards of $300. The surprisingly cheap and way too expensive price points come at a cost - and we’re not just talking money.

So, how much should you pay? To answer this question, you need to identify which elements are important in bridesmaid dresses, and which are there to rip you off. By knowing what to look for when bridesmaid dress shopping, you can save yourself money and future frustration.

Things you should pay for:

  • High quality materials and fabrics.
  • Customer service & experience.
  • The styles and colors you love.

Things you should not pay for:

  • Brand names.
  • Overpriced dresses.

A reasonable price range for bridesmaid dresses is $119-$129. At Selby Rae, we offer the ultimate triad. High quality dresses, great customer service, and customer-desired price points. So, how can we confidently say that this is the best price range? If you pay less, you’ll see a drastic decline in the quality of your dresses and in your shopping experience. You’ll be digging through reviews on Amazon versus making memories with friends and family. Pay more, and you’ll simply be buying a dress for the brand name. That is, the name on the tag (which no one will see!).

What Are High Quality Fabrics & Materials?

When bridesmaid dress shopping, it’s easy to overlook the quality of the dress. We totally get it! But, while it’s fun to focus on the style and color, it’s important to consider the materials. After all, it would be a bummer for a zipper to break, or find out the fabric is sheer come your big day. Unfortunately, these scenarios happen all too often and make for a major hassle.

Dress Fabrics

The most popular bridesmaid dress fabric is Chiffon. For a reasonably priced dress, you should expect to pay $110-140. Shorter dresses will be cheaper than those that are long.  This is because longer dresses require more fabric.

A handful of popular ‘specialty’ fabrics include: lace, embroidery, sequins, velvet, and english net. These run more expensive.  So, the general price range you should look for is $120-160.  You may find prices under $50.  BUT, the level of quality at this price point will be reminiscent of a Halloween costume. Yikes.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Dress Materials

Let’s talk about materials. These are the elements of a bridesmaid dress that will set it apart from competition. Here are some of the most important ones that you should look for.

1. Good Zippers.

Like fabric, not all zippers are equal. Cheaper zippers have higher rates of failure including teeth that break, pulls that pop, and slides that get stuck. Selby Rae strategically uses zippers that are much stronger than the industry average. Always test out the zipper a handful of times when trying a dress on!

2. Double Liners.

A double liner is a must-have.  This is especially true for any light colored bridesmaid dresses. It is well worth the investment! Unless you don’t care that guests can see your bridesmaids’ polka dot underwear.

3. Adjustable Straps.

Not all bodies are equal and not all bodies are perfectly proportionate to a given size. A bridesmaid dress with adjustable straps allows for the perfect fit, without paying for alterations. Adjustable straps are a must, especially if all of your bridesmaids will wear the same style of dress.

4. Structure.

If you’re searching for a flattering dress that fits better and stays in place, structure is important. Referred to as ‘boning,’ structured dresses create a form on your body, resulting in a more defined figure. Usually, this applies to the bodice and takes shape in the form of a corset. A good way to think of structure is if you placed the gown on the floor. Would it hold its shape relatively well or does it fold into a sea of fabric?

5. Pockets.

Everyone LOVES a dress with pockets. It’s just human nature. Instead of letting your bridesmaids carry around a clutch all night, gift them with every girl’s dream: a dress with pockets. You’ll likely be rewarded with a happy dance or two!

*These are all elements that Selby Rae includes in its bridesmaid dresses*

What Customer Service Should I Expect?

Every person has varying expectations when it comes to customer service. The level of customer service also differs based on how you decide to shop. We’re here to give you the lowdown on each form of shopping. This way you can decide which one suits your preferences.

Shopping In-Store

In-store shopping is an all around hands-on experience. You’ll be able to physically try on dresses and work with a specialized stylist. However, these perks come at an additional cost. Retail stores must pay for their location and staff, which means your dresses will be slightly marked up. For many people however, this experience is well worth the up-charge.  If you are looking to try on Selby Rae dresses in-store, consider making an appointment at the Wedding Shoppe in Minnesota!

Shopping In-Store

At other bridal shops, a common in-store shopping fault is the lack of sample sizes to try on. Unless your bridesmaids all fall between sizes 6-10, it’s likely that the shopping experience won’t be so fun. Some of your girls may drown in the dresses while others struggle to fit. This can lead to hard feelings and a less than joyful experience for some of your bridesmaids.  Call ahead to make sure sizing won't be an issue.

At-Home Try On Options

The best alternative to in-store shopping is trying on dresses at home! At Selby Rae, we offer an At Home Try On program. We are happy to ship any size and style directly to your house.  Yes, you heard correctly! You get to test out your favorite bridesmaid dresses, from size 0-28. This way, you’ll know exactly what the dress will look like on you, and find the one that’s the most flattering. This is a great option for bridesmaids who may live far away from one another, yet still want to try on dresses.

The At Home Try On program allows Selby Rae to be a direct to consumer brand. This means the bridesmaid dresses go straight from our hands to yours. Since we’ve cut out the middlemen (think in-store retailers), you get to pay less!

Shopping Online

There are endless online retailers from which you can purchase bridesmaid dresses. But, are those options high quality and reliable? Ordering online, without being able to physically try on dresses, is often a gamble. You may end up with a bridesmaid dress that looks nothing like the online photos. This could include see-through material and beading that falls off at the slightest touch. Or, you could be one of the few lucky ones!

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Online

So, what's the verdict on shopping online? We recommend only doing so if you are able to try on the dress beforehand. That way, you will know how it looks on each of your bridesmaids. If you do choose to purchase online, aim for the $109-$149 price range to improve the chances of satisfaction with your dress. To make it even easier on yourself, opt for retailers that throw in free return shipping or other deals that will make the process less of a hassle.

What Other Factors Should I Consider?

Before shopping, there are a few more factors that you should consider. Whether you’re looking to have your entire wedding party match, or need help deciding on a color, we’re here for you!

1. Popular Bridesmaid Styles & Colors.

Make sure you get the styles and colors align with your wedding day vision! If you need some guidance, check out the 12 colors available for Selby Rae bridesmaid dresses.  We have done excessive research to offer the top colors for your wedding, so you don't have to narrow it down yourself.

2. Mix & Match Bridesmaid Options.

It's become a common trend to have your bridesmaids rock different dress styles.  This is because every girl had her own taste in what she feels most confident in!  Selby Rae's line of bridesmaid dresses was designed to complement one another.  So, you don't have to worry about clashing styles!

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

3. Size Inclusivity.

Make sure everyone in your bridal party feels included and confident!  It's important to choose a bridesmaid dress brand that carries a large range of sizes.  This is especially true if your girls have different body types.  So, if you're on the hunt for inclusive bridesmaid dresses, Selby Rae offers sizes 0-28!

Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Checkout some of our most popular bridesmaid dress styles and the trends that you'll definitely want in on!

1. Miranda

Shop Miranda

Selby Rae Miranda, featured in our burgundy color, is a timeless style. This fun spaghetti strap bridesmaid dress has adjustable straps to help limit alterations! We love this design for a romantic outdoor wedding.

2. Mikayla

Shop Mikayla

Our Mikayla style features a stunning high-neck halter neckline.  This is a style that will flatter any shape and size!  It will look stunning, especially at an elegant wedding.

3. Marilyn

Shop Marilyn

A beautiful choice, Marilyn is a modern and flattering style.  It’s perfect for any black tie affair. With a v-neckline and soft chiffon fabric, your bridesmaids will feel comfortable all night long. We love this style in and shade of blue for a luxe winter wedding, or a summer vineyard wedding.

4. Melody

Shop Melody

Pink bridesmaid dresses are so underrated! Melody looks especially stunning and flirty.  It features a criss-cross neckline, which is adorable and comfortable. This style would look especially gorgeous at an outdoor summer wedding.

5. Margot

Shop Margot

Margot is a classic design made of soft chiffon fabric and a flowing A-line silhouette. This flattering style is gorgeous, especially in our charcoal color. Beautiful and slightly whimsical, this is perfect for a bride with a bold style in mind.

6. Mariah

Shop Mariah

Romantic and ethereal, Mariah is a breathtaking style.  Perfect for a Spring garden wedding, especially in the color Sea Glass. It has a darling sweetheart ruffle neckline and double layer ruffle top.

Let's Chat!

We hope we answered your top bridesmaid dress shopping concerns! From understanding bridesmaid dress price ranges to top styles, we want you to be informed. If this guide helped, or if you have any additional questions, let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear about your experience shopping with us!

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